Pay What You Stay

Limited time only! $6.99 a month with 15-day free trial and no activation fee (Regular price: $14.99 a month)

Parkofon is all about helping people get where they need in no time and as cheaply as possible.

   Anytime Parking Pass

You can access $4/hr. Parkofon-enabled garages at any time of day or night.

   Pay What You Stay

With our technology you get a fully automated payment process for the ACTUAL time you spend parked at the garage (no prepayment needed; one-hour rate minimum).

   All-Night Parking

Get $8 all-night parking 8pm-7am at Parkofon-enabled garages whenever you need it.

   No Parking Alerts

Receive automated reminders by text and email to move your vehicle when street cleaning is coming.

   Real-Time Space Availability

Always get the latest information about available parking around you, both on-street and at Parkofon-enabled garages.

   Driving Analytics

Be on top of your driving time and costs with detailed statistics about your trips and parking.

   Find Your Car

Never lose your car again after you parked on a busy street for an event or meeting.

   Cancel Anytime

Don't like it - no worries! We'll send you return postage to get the transponder back. You'll only have to pay the return if you cancel within the first three months.*

* Terms and conditions apply if you return a non-working, damaged or defaced transponder or your transponder was stolen. Refer to Terms of Use for more information.


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